Dharma Support Project

The Dharma Support Project aims to support people in their study and practice of the Buddha Dharma as well as help people attend courses or training that supports their spiritual, emotional and physical well-being or that of others.



What kinds of activities or access to resources will be considered under the Dharma Support Project?

1. Bodhicharya UK retreats, courses or teaching events

Although we do our best to offer all activities on a “dana” or donation basis, sometimes when there is accommodation involved for longer retreats or courses, that is not always possible. In those cases we aim to provide at least one supported place for those in need, and in some cases more than one or contributions towards a place. Support will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis if the request for support is approved.

2. Other activities and resources provided by the Bodhicharya family

These will also be considered for support, including free annual subscriptions to the Ringu Tulku Archive (an extensive repository of Ringu Tulku’s teachings) which will be advertised in April of each year.

3. Retreats, courses, training and access to resources in support of personal well-being or for the benefit of others

We do not wish to limit the resources provided by The Dharma Support Project only to Bodhicharya-related activities and events, and will offer the opportunity for applicants to identify other support requests in service of BCUK’s broad mission of Healing, Helping and Harmony.

We do not want someone’s individual circumstances to get in the way of them being able to participate in BCUK or wider Bodhicharya family activities or having access to other opportunities to support their well-being.

The number and extent of opportunities we can support will be dependent on available funds. We therefore reasonably expect to initially prioritise requests for support related to BCUK and other Bodhicharya activity and resources. We will never preclude consideration of other requests for non-Bodhicharya connected support, but reserve the right to exercise judgement in prioritisation, being mindful of the finite nature of the funds available, and with a view to maximising the number of people who can receive the charity’s support.

Who is eligible to access The Dharma Support Project?

This is an opportunity we would like to keep open to anyone who feels they cannot afford to pay for an event/activity/resource that falls within the scope of The Dharma Support Project as described above. Only the applicant will know whether or not they qualify for this type of support, but the charity expects this offer to primarily be open to people who have little or no spare resources, such as those who are unemployed, homeless, in debt or supporting themselves and/or others on a low income.

Applying to The Dharma Support Project

If you would like to apply to the Dharma Support Project, then please use the contact form below to share a few details describing what you would like support for,
your reasons in brief for requesting support and the estimated cost of support required, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Please apply in good time if you are seeking support for something that is tied to a particular date, thank you.

Applications are open at any time and we aim to make decisions within three weeks of receipt of an application. In some circumstances we may need to seek further information before a final decision can be made, Confirmation of any offers of support will be made in writing from the BCUK Secretary or another Trustee.

Donating to the Dharma Support Project

If you would like to make a donation to the Dharma Support Project and give the gift of Dharma, the causes of Awakening and greater all-round well-being to others, then you can do so here.