Bodhicharya is a non-profit, Educational & Cultural Association founded in 1997 by Ringu Tulku Rinpoche, an eminent Buddhist teacher, with the creation of Bodhicharya International in Belgium. Activities include collecting, transcribing, translating, and publishing Buddhist teachings and educational materials, and supporting education and healthcare projects around the world.

Bodhicharya has developed into a world-wide network of people, centres and organisations taking various forms and found at 35 locations in 13 countries, all working under the inspiration and guidance of the Buddhist teachings and Ringu Tulku Rinpoche. Its field of activities are organised around three main themes, which are: Healing – Helping – Harmony.

Bodhicharya International
Rue d’Edimbourg 23, B-1050 Brussels, Belgium

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Bodhicharya Centres & Groups

Country Group Name Contact/Address Contact Details
Belgium Bodhicharya Belgium Rue d’Edimbourg 23, B-1050 Bruxelles
Caribbean Bodhicharya Caribbean Antigua, Trinidad & Tobago
Finland Bodhicharya study group in Finland Helsinki
+358 40 2185 108
France Bodhicharya France Centre Monastique Bouddhiste TibŽtain, 1 La Bouille, 88490 Lusse
+33 329 51 21 93
Bodhicharya Nancy Patrick Arnould, Atelier Maitreya le passage bleu, 54000 Nancy

Bodhicharya Epinal Franoise Pernot, Restaurant bio / salon de the_ / centre de bien-tre – Place Saint Goery, face basilique – office tourisme – 88000 E_pinal

Bodhicharya Strasbourg Thierry Duparquet, Centre Zen 21, rue des Magasins ¥ 67000
Bodhicharya-Pont-ˆ-Mousson Salle n¡2, annexe de la mairie, 54700 BlŽnod les Pont ˆ Mousson
Christian Malher: 0033 645 67 58 90
Bodhicharya Meudon Yves Tisserand, 46, alle_e du Mail – 92360 Meudon-La-Fortu
Bodhicharya Belfort Herve Arnoux, Tcheuling 90 : Centre Culturel et Social, 4 rue de Madrid, 90000 Belfort
Bodhicharya Mulhouse Yann Foulfoin, Association Zen Mulhouse, Busshin Dojo Zen,
11 rue de Blotzheim, 68100 Mulhouse
Bodhicharya Colmar Stephane Deneyrat, 5, rue Saint Gilles, 68000 Colmar.
Franois Bertrand au
Germany Bodhicharya Berlin Bodhicharya Deutschland e.V.
Kinzigstrasse 25-29
D-10247 Berlin
Bodhicharya Bookholzberg Stedinger Str. 39
27777 Ganderkesee
04223 – 932489
Bodhicharya Huttenried Dharma-Tor Centre, Huttenried 2, D-86980 Ingenried
Meditationszentrum Vaterstetten Munic
India Bodhicharya India c/o Mystic Yoga Studio, 20 A, Camac Street, 2nd Floor, Kolkata 700017
+0091-91633 65029
Bodhicharya Kolkata Mystic Yoga Studio, DC 27/26, Sector I, Salt Lake, Kolkata 700064, West Bengal
+0091-91633 65029
Bodhicharya Meditation Centre Pomra Hotel, Secretariat Road Gangtok, Sikkim 737103 INDIA
Ireland Bodhicharya Ireland
Netherlands Bodhicharya Network Netherlands bodhicharyanetherland.blogspot.n
Portugal Bodhicharya Portugal
Spain Bodhicharya Spain Chonyi Wangmo
Portugalete, 4-4-1
Barcelona 08014
Sri Lanka Bodhicharya Sri Lanka 51/8P, 9th Lane, Wickramasinghapura, Battarmulla.
Nelli +94 772584716 or Kumanga +447453313122

Sweden Bodhicharya Sweden Rosemary Renshaw
VŒrum 1, 59492 Gamleby
UK Bodhicharya Buddhist Group, Brighton Carol McQuire
+44 7960012452 and +441273702757
Bodhicharya Buddhist Group (BBG) Sussex
Bodhicharya Buddhist Group, Somerset Caitlin Collins
01643 841310
Bodhicharya Buddhist Group, Totnes Colin Moore
White Tara Group Wolvercote, Oxford
+44 (0)1865 723619 or +44 (0)7967 757477
Bodhicharya Kent Quaker Meeting House, Northgate, Rochester, Kent, ME1 1LS
Bodhicharya London Helios Centre, 116 Judd Street, WC1
USA Bodhicharya North America
Bodhicharya Oklahoma