Lama Tsultrim Guelek was born in 1955 in Grenoble, France and began began studying the Dharma in 1983 as a disciple of Venerable Kalu Rinpoche and Bokar Rinpoche. In 1987 he was ordained by Kalu Rinpoche and became a novice monk (getsul). After a traditional 3-year, 3-month, 3-day retreat between 1988 and 1992, he became a fully ordained monk (gelong). With Bokar Rinpoche’s blessing and permission he has been leading meditation groups since 1995. He currently lives and teaches at the Bodhicharya France centre in Lusse and also teaches in several other cities once a month.

His 25 years of experience as a monk and as a teacher allow him to be deeply familiar with the Dharma as it can be practised in the West. Moreover, he accompanies spiritually many Dharma practitioners and thus has a sharp knowledge of the obstacles western practitioners may face, of the means to overcome them and the pitfalls to avoid. Lama Tsultrim illustrates his teachings with examples from our daily life, which makes his teachings lively and widely accessible.

He has been visiting and teaching at Bodhicharya Kent since 2019 and you can listen to those teachings here.

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