Ringu Tulku Archive

Please see here to be taken to the Ringu Tulku Archive, a growing online library of  Rinpoche’s teachings given in the West since the early nineties.  A truly precious Dharma resource with teachings on many topics and at many levels, made available through Rinpoche’s generosity and the generosity of his many students who are diligently preserving and archiving his teachings.

In addition to the presentation of past recordings, another key function of the Archive is to present recordings from Rinpoche’s current teaching tours as they happen. Since 2015, Rinpoche has been making audio recordings of most of his talks and teachings. These recordings are then automatically uploaded to the Archive and are now able to be shared almost as soon as they arrive. This means that members can listen to the recordings as Rinpoche travels and teaches around the globe.

Finally, it is Rinpoche’s wish that the Archive becomes a portal where he can communicate with students plus deliver and curate longer courses and series of teachings for different levels and stages along the path.

Ringu Tulku – Short Teachings

The Four Noble Truths

What is Buddhism About?

The Three Poisons and their Cure

The Three Yanas

The Four Reminders

Rime Philosophy: No Boundaries

Mudita and Rejoicing


The Six Prajna Paramitas

Do Something Good for Others

Ringu Tulku and Master Yoda

Emptiness and Interdependence

What is Meditation?

Story of the Wise Shepherd

Ringu Tulku – Kent Teachings

Dealing with Emotions

Meditation in Everyday Life

How to Be with Your Thoughts

What Meditation Is

Meeting Difficulties

Meeting Challenges

Introduction to Buddhist Refuge

Transforming through Compassion

How to Choose Love over Fear

How to Embody Meditation

Living with Love and Kindness

Tsering Paldron – Kent Teachings

Generating the Enlightened Heart

The Four Seals

Buddhas and Beings

Know Your True Self and Be Free

Spiritual Materialism

Renouncing Skilfully

Bringing Relationships onto the Path

Chenrezig Practice

Pointers Along the Way

Lama Karma Wangmo Kent Teachings

Calming the Mind to See Clearly (Part1)

How to Pay Attention to Everyday Life to Realise Ultimate Truth

Calming the Mind to See Clearly (Part 2)

Lama Tsultrim Guelek – Kent Teachings

Buddhism in Daily Life

H.H. 17th Karmapa

The Story So Far

London 2017

Heart Advice

Inner Buddha

H.H. 17th Karmapa - Eight Verses for Training the Mind (London 2017)

H.H. 17th Karmapa - Seven Line Prayer