Compassion and Wisdom Series – With Tsering Paldron

We are very happy to announce a series of teachings with our popular visiting teacher, Tsering Paldron.

Wisdom and Compassion

23rd June 20:00 – 21:30pm GMT+1

The words “wisdom” and “compassion” mean many things to different people. In this first instalment, Tsering will explain what is meant by wisdom and compassion from the Buddhist point of view and how we can cultivate them in our lives.

Buddhas and Beings

30th June 20:00 – 21:30pm GMT+1

In the next instalment, Tsering will explain why both devotion towards Enlightened beings and compassion towards sentient beings are said to help support the path to complete and full Awakening, and how we can integrate both aspects into our practice.

Renunciation and Skilful Means

7th July 20:00 – 21:30pm GMT+1

In this instalment, Tsering will explore the topic of renouncing samsara and working skilfully for the benefit of others in our uncertain world.

Pointers Along the Way

21st July 20:00 – 21:30pm GMT+1

In this final instalment, Tsering will explain how within Buddhism we find various levels of teachings, that are all designed to meet practitioners where they are and skillfully help them on the path to Awakening.

On Zoom

Meeting ID: 868 4987 2915

Suggested Donation £5 – £10 (per session)

Please give what you can HERE to help support our teachers and the activities of Bodhicharya Kent (a not-for-profit organisation), however your presence is valued far more than your money and finances will not be a barrier to receiving the Dharma, thank you.