Half-Day Retreat with Lama Karma Wangmo

Finding Inner Stability on the Path

Quaker Meeting House, Northgate, Rochester, Kent 15th May, 13:30-17:00



We are delighted to announce an in-person and online day retreat with Lama Karma Wangmo, at our weekly meeting spot, the Quaker Meeting House, in Rochester.

Our habit is often to try and gain some kind of stability and tranquillity in our lives by seeking to secure certain outer conditions or inner feelings. Although this is not discouraged, the truth of impermanence and change means that this can never truly happen in a satisfying way as our stability and tranquillity will be shaky and dependent on changing circumstances. Furthermore, if we continue to be caught up in this we will not only be unable to navigate the ups and downs of our own lives well but also be less able to be of benefit to others.

In this half-day retreat, Lama Wangmo will therefore discuss why inner stability and tranquillity is essential and foundational for our lives and spiritual practice and how we can begin to cultivate that way of being through shamatha meditation.

After the retreat, Lama Wangmo and the retreat attendees are invited to come along to a blessing for the animals at Green Tara Animal Sanctuary, also in the Rochester area but only accessible by car.

Refreshment will be provided.



In Person

Quaker Meeting House, Northgate, Rochester, Kent


The day will also be streamed online, so if you cannot make it in-person please do Zoom in:

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Meeting ID: 897 9566 2518
Passcode: 700887


13:30 to 17:00

Dana (Suggested donation)

The suggested donation for the day is £15 and you can make your donation here, thank you for your generosity.

Looking forward to seeing you soon 😊🙏🏼