Training & Path

Applying formal practice into daily life is the most needed skill for a Buddhist practitioner. In happy times and challenging times, how can we make use of our training and bring all circumstances into the Path. Ringu Tulku Rinpoche has kindly agreed to teach on this most essential topic for five days, from 29th of July to the 2nd of August.

As you know, due to the Corona virus outbreak, this year’s Bodhicharya Summer Camp in Portugal was canceled. We are now very happy to announce that Rinpoche has kindly agreed to teach online for five days, on the topic of “Training & Path“. There will be a session a day, with time for questions & answers too.

Like every year, the online Summer Camp will be accessible to everyone, even to those who do not have a deep knowledge of the Buddhist path and did not attend previous years’ sessions.

29 July to 2 August - 2pm UTC

See below for time zones

Simultaneous translation into French, Portuguese, German, and Italian.

Summer Camp fee includes a collective offering to Rinpoche but, if you would like to make a personal offering to Rinpoche, along with a message, please use the button below:

Your presence is valued far more than your money and finances will not be a barrier to receiving the Dharma. Please contact us.

2pm (GMT/UTC) is the following times in different locations:

Dublin, London, Lisbon 3 pm
Madrid, Paris, Berlin 4 pm CEST
Gangtok, India 7:30 pm IST
South Africa 4 pm SAST
Helsinki, Finland 5 pm EEST
New York, USA 10 am EDT
Seattle, USA 7 am PDT
New Zealand +1 day – 2 am NZT

If you miss a live session, recordings will be accessible through the archives.

Discussion groups

Rinpoche suggested that Summer Camp participants could gather in smaller groups, for group practice and further discussion on the topic. Below a list of times and practices the local English and German-speaking Bodhicharya groups will be doing during the five days of teachings.

Hours are given in local time.


Registering for Rinpoche’s teachings doesn’t automatically enroll you for the discussion groups. You will have to choose which group you want to join. For other languages, please check the French and Portuguese webpages.

English speaking groups

London and Kent group

Each day during Summer Camp, we will spend some time reflecting on Rinpoche’s teachings together as a group for approximately one and a half hours.
There will also be some guided practice in Shamatha meditation, exploring breath, body, sounds, thoughts and objectless awareness over the 5 days.
All are welcome to attend these groups as is helpful and convenient to you and your practice. We hope to see you there.

Every evening at 7pm (UK time) – Discussion and Shamatha meditation

Facilitator: Cesare Saguato

London and Kent practice meetings (UK time)

Every day at 10am – Chenresig practice, 50 minutes.

Every day at 1pm – Medicine Buddha, 40 minutes.

The Chenresig practice is accessible to anybody, the text will be displayed on screen when we do the practice. The Medicine Buddha practice can be practised by people who have the necessary authorisation.
Zoom meeting ID: 576 338 2065; Password: 048555
You can also join over the phone: +44 208 080 6591 (UK)